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main roadˌmain ˈroad noun [countable]  TTRa large and important road We live just off the main road.main road to/from/between the main road from Bern to Lausanne
Examples from the Corpus
main roadHe followed her down one quiet suburban street after another till they approached the busy main road.From Drumbuie, a heathery moorland is crossed to join the old main road into Kyle, now superseded by another.How wrong of you to bring me away from the main road!There are two gates to the church, a lychgate from the main road side, the other on Town Street.They had not looked to see whether the police had come into the main road in time to see.The one worry of course, is the main road.My grandparents' village was a small place off the main road, away from busy roads and with no mains services.When you reach the main road at the information centre, turn right for the car park.main road to/from/betweenStraggling, beaten columns of troops marched without equipment into the town and out along the main road to Kiev.To the south of the camps is the main road from Moscow to Kuibyshev and ultimately to Tashkent.The village was near the main road between Canterbury and Dover.Illetas, off the main road between La Sabina and Es Pujols, is possibly the most popular.We drove for a few miles on the main road to Perth, and then turned on to a smaller, rougher road.Let me look at the map and see where we go to rejoin the main road to the auto-route.The main road to Piedmont, across the pass of Tenda, was suitable only for mules.
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