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Main Street

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMain StreetˈMain Street noun  1 TOWNthe most important street, with many shops and businesses on it, in many small towns in the US syn high street British English2 [uncountable] American EnglishCONVENTIONAL ordinary people who believe in traditional American values The president’s new proposals won’t go down too well on Main Street.
Examples from the Corpus
Main StreetAnd Main Street really has gotten quite nice.He rode up and down Main Street twice, circled the war monument and checked the lot behind the post office.These men exemplify Main Street Republicanism.He faced Main Street, where a black hearse turned the corner.In July 1862, a recruiting Station was opened in the office of a coal company on Main Street.Many are located on Main Street, a colorfully restored retail district.The President's new tax hikes won't be too popular on Main Street.She was still on Main Street.
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