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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmainlandmain‧land /ˈmeɪnlənd, -lænd/ ●○○ noun   the mainlandmainland adjective [only before noun] mainland Britain
Examples from the Corpus
mainlandThe familiar mainland gripe of skill shortages is rarely heard in Northern Ireland.When the new shops open, they also have that all too rare mainland commodity - customers - and plenty of them.A great number of emigres arrived daily from the mainland, left homeless and often destitute of all worldly possessions.To reach the mainland from Anglesey, vehicles must go over the Menai Bridge where any road barrier could not be avoided.But not the drift to the mainland for work for the young men.Tor suggests we try to stop in the small bay where we will touch the mainland.The mainland of Britain is still their most likely destination.
From Longman Business Dictionarymainlandmain‧land /ˈmeɪnlənd, -lænd/ noun the mainland the main area of land that forms a country, rather than the islands near to it that are also part of itContinental Airlines serves Hawaii from the mainland.mainland adjective [only before a noun]The sugar consumed on the island is now imported in bulk from mainland Portugal.
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