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maisonettemai‧son‧ette /ˌmeɪzəˈnet/ noun [countable]  British EnglishTBB an apartment on two floors that has its own front door and is part of a larger building
Examples from the Corpus
maisonetteWe moved to another flat and then to a maisonette on the same estate.I pulled up in front of a council maisonette.It was the image of returning once again to her empty maisonette in Ealing.Polly's landlord claimed that Polly lived in a studio-style maisonette and had set the rent accordingly.When we could have the maisonette for the same price.Risto Gojkovic, 45, said to be worth £4m, had argued that his wife should receive the maisonette and £532,000.The vapour exploded and a huge fireball ripped through the maisonette.The maisonette in Plymouth which she and husband Gilbert share with two of their six children is to get a dream kitchen.
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