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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmajesticma‧jes‧tic /məˈdʒestɪk/ adjective  IMPRESSvery big, impressive, or beautiful This lovely village is surrounded by majestic mountain scenery.see thesaurus at highmajestically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
majesticThe old building, seen from the Thames on summer days, is quietly and broodingly majestic.The past is the hawk, flying higher; its talons are stronger, its wings wide and majestic.Tintern Abbey is noted for its majestic arches, fine doorways and elegant windows.The view across the garden valley to the Old Town, dominated by the majestic Castle, is extravagantly theatrical.They are the few giant trees in the forest-but the weeds, not the majestic cedars, choke us.the majestic coast around Big SurUp the garden path and a frisson of unease: there is no house, but a vista of a majestic lake.the majestic mountains of the HimalayasIt contains many majestic old oaks and hoary willows.It was hard to imagine the leggy beeches would some sixty years hence be tall majestic trees.
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