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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmajestyma‧jes‧ty /ˈmædʒəsti/ noun (plural majesties)  1 Your/Her/His Majesty2 IMPRESS[uncountable] the quality that something big has of being impressive, powerful, or beautiful syn grandeurmajesty of the pure majesty of the Alps
Examples from the Corpus
majestyThe humans were astounded by the grace and majesty of Elf civilisation and well-pleased with the commerce that went on there.What good was his precept in the face of such power and majesty?London was, of course, by far the larger city, but much of London's majesty had been destroyed in the Blitz.It was so immense it did not twist like the others but in supreme majesty made its way down the turbulent chute.the majesty of the Rocky MountainsThe majesty of it stunned her.The majesty of life in the White House is matched only by its isolation.Letting the mountains greet me in unbidden majesty, I look but can not touch: they are too tall.
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