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majority rule

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmajority rulemaˌjority ˈrule noun [uncountable]  a system of government in which every person in a country has the right to vote and the group which wins the most votes has power It took many years of struggle to establish majority rule in South Africa.
Examples from the Corpus
majority ruleMany reject democracy in terms of party competition, majority rule and the rule of law.In these weeks, I have had the chance to listen to Joshua Nkomo calling for majority rule now.Is majority rule under a system of parliamentary democracy a sufficient guarantee of legitimacy?In the case of spending and tax legislation, majority rule is thus further weakened.Two working conclusions follow from this, namely, toleration and the qualification of majority rule.The majority leadership's specialty became mounting filibusters or using other delaying tactics to prevent majority rule.Those who peopled them have either been driven out in a bloody liberation war or yielded their political supremacy to majority rule.
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