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majority vote/decision/verdict etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmajority vote/decision/verdict etcmajority vote/decision/verdict etca vote or decision in which more people vote for something than vote against it The committee takes decisions by majority vote. The jury found him guilty by a majority verdict. majority
Examples from the Corpus
majority vote/decision/verdict etcSupposing Yorkshire or Cornwall decided by a majority vote to secede from Britain and elect their own government.It took the jury almost five hours to reach a majority verdict and acquit her on all three charges.Stopping the White House from selling weapons to a foreign country requires a majority vote in both houses of Congress.And I suppose the way to change the damned constitution is with a majority vote.With a pure majority vote, this would presumably be enacted.Then there is the problem of qualified majority voting on foreign policy issues.The reason for this is that government output is determined on the basis of a simple majority vote model.The majority decision said the cabinet must now report to the legislature on its plan to scrap the plant.
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