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make a bomb

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake a bombmake a bombEARN British English informal to get a lot of money by doing something bomb
Examples from the Corpus
make a bombSome people object to children having access to information about illegal drug use and recipes for making bombs.Newly made bombs would replace old, and now obsolete, weapons in the stockpile.Note the offence of making a bomb hoax call etc. under section 51 Criminal Law Act 1977.But it would still make a bomb that could flatten much of a city and drench the place with fall-out.How do we do that without spreading too widely the ability to make bombs?Last week Kaczynski was arrested in his remote Montana cabin on a lone charge of possessing materials to make a bomb.Dancer's fixed up for me to make a bomb coaching movie stars in Palm Springs.
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