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make a fool of somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake a fool of somebodymake a fool of somebodyto deliberately do something to make someone else seem stupid I suddenly realised that I was being made a fool of. fool
Examples from the Corpus
make a fool of somebodyPeople got tired of interviewing him because they felt they were being made fools of.We were dreary and would have made fools of ourselves.Has my host made a fool of me?Your biggest fear is probably the fear of making a fool of yourself and this is what is making you nervous.The mature glider pilot would never hesitate to make a fool of himself in the interests of safety.One thing Congress apparently can do in a bipartisan spirit is to make a fool of itself.And Jeffries then proceeded to make a fool of Marshak by never again producing a single scholarly work.Why did you try to make a fool of me in public?And why should you make a fool of yourself now by trying?
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