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make a fool of yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake a fool of yourselfmake a fool of yourselfSTUPID/NOT SENSIBLEto do something stupid that you feel embarrassed about afterwards and that makes you seem silly Sorry I made such a fool of myself last night. I must have been drunk. fool
Examples from the Corpus
make a fool of yourselfI met Sylvester Stallone one time and made a complete fool of myself.I have made a fool of myself.Your biggest fear is probably the fear of making a fool of yourself and this is what is making you nervous.Athletes will seldom make fools of themselves for the press.The mature glider pilot would never hesitate to make a fool of himself in the interests of safety.One thing Congress apparently can do in a bipartisan spirit is to make a fool of itself.A true cat is often willing to make a fool of herself, but only on her own terms.She had truly made a fool of herself.And why should you make a fool of yourself now by trying?
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