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make a go of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake a go of somethingmake a go of somethinginformalSUCCEED IN DOING something to make something succeed, especially a business or marriage Nikki was determined to make a go of the business. Many businesses are struggling hard to make a go of it. go
Examples from the Corpus
make a go of somethingI keep expecting to hear you and Cora-Beth are making a go of it?Carol found herself wishing that Fred could make a go of something.She just knew she could make a go of it!Discs realised maybe they could make a go of it.So he made a go of permanently avoiding the issue.The rest of the story is that my great-grandfather could never really make a go of his life after that.Now she was set to make a go of her programming business, and nothing was going to stop her.They both want to make a go of their relationship.He persuaded creditors to give him three years to make a go of the garden.
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