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make a killing

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake a killingmake a killinginformalPROFIT to make a lot of money in a short time He made a killing on the stock exchange. killing
Examples from the Corpus
make a killingAfter making a killing on other Trump casino bonds, he sold them recently.Buy speculative stuff and you can make a killing or get killed, depending which way the wind blows.They're a safe investment, but in love you can make a killing overnight.But an on-the-ball whisky shop could make a killing with its special EC-label malt Scotch at £27.70 a bottle.Boy, if you only knew what corporate insiders knew, you could make a killing on a stock, right?He had made a killing on the stock exchange that morning.Alexander recalled making a killing in the stock market in the '80s.Vito's a debonair middle-aged New Yorker, who's made a killing in advertising.They should make a killing today.Not strongly enough to kill me for that, but certainly strongly enough to make killing me satisfying in that respect also.
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