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make a meal (out) of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake a meal (out) of somethingmake a meal (out) of somethingBritish English informalTOO/TOO MUCHDIFFICULT to spend too much time or effort doing something He made a real meal out of parking the car. meal
Examples from the Corpus
make a meal (out) of somethingAnd make a meal of the soccer, with Swindon verses West Ham in the live match on Sunday.Although he made a meal of applying the finish, the ball eventually finished in the net.The police would go through the motions, but they wouldn't make a meal of it.You realise then, well enough, that making a meal of plants can demand both skill and knowledge.A bird that thought so and decided to make a meal of it would quickly die.Looking for a creative way to make a meal out of leftover scraps of ham, turkey or pork roast?Bruce Davidson was making a meal of explaining a straight forward case essentially because he was trying to impress Catherine Crane.By the marks in the sand, it had been felled by a falcon, which made a meal of its flesh.
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