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make a mess of (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake a mess of (doing) somethingmake a mess of (doing) somethingto do something badly I feel I’ve made a real mess of my marriage. Many people make a mess of handling money. mess
Examples from the Corpus
make a mess of (doing) somethingThe shell hit the roof of the building and made a mess of the inside of the building.Convinced of his own plainness, Graham is here engaged in taking Jenny out and making a mess of kissing her.An explosion would have made a mess of them, and matchsticks of that tub.He made a mess of things in the park, but it's the first time he's got it wrong.Hands were wrung in every quarter at the prospect of homosexuals making a mess of this fine, strong outfit.If I make a mess of it that woman is going to be so glad.Most people make a mess of handling money.She made a mess of her life.
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