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make a mockery of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake a mockery of somethingmake a mockery of somethingSHOW/BE A SIGN OFto make something such as a plan or system seem completely useless or ineffective This building plan makes a mockery of the government’s environmental policy. mockery
Examples from the Corpus
make a mockery of somethingHe had stolen the best months of her life and made a mockery of her love.She had betrayed both him and me, and made a mockery of her feelings; of the entire tragedy itself.Large jury awards are making a mockery of the justice system, we are told.By being slow to drop the rates, the banks make a mockery of the Government's policy.These endless appeals and delays make a mockery of justice.The losing Pittsburgh Steelers for making a mockery of their underdog status.The Western world is making a mockery of us.But Labourpoliticians and women's groups accused him of making a mockery of the Government's efforts to tackle domestic violence.They have always been unseemly, since they make a mockery of the moral values they purport to uphold.Excluding the Balts would make a mockery of expansion.
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