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make a move

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake a movemake a moveBritish English informalLEAVE A PLACE to leave a place It’s getting late – we ought to make a move. move
Examples from the Corpus
make a moveHe dribbled off some time before making a move on Lott, who tripped on a player behind him while backpedaling.Tell the truth or the law will be here before you can make a move.Club vice president Dwight Clark said the team could make a move as early as Saturday.He showed his empty hands, made a move, and displayed a pair of glass earrings.Even when the Leafs have made moves, you wonder.He made a move to kiss me, but I turned away.Nobody makes a move to stop him.He's impressed a number of Premier League managers but Venables will be the first to make a move.What none of the trio could get used to was Evelyn's continued refusal to make a move to clarify her situation."The dog won't touch you, " she said , "unless you make a move towards me."
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