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make (a) nonsense of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake (a) nonsense of somethingmake (a) nonsense of somethingBritish EnglishMEANING# to make an action, system, or plan useless or ineffective Having the army still in power makes a nonsense of last year’s elections. nonsense
Examples from the Corpus
make (a) nonsense of somethingBesides, the advent of a National Lottery next year could make a nonsense of the strategy's premises about funding.It is just electricity that makes a nonsense of natural design.However, this makes nonsense of the notion of having word units stored at this level.They omitted from their calculations two factors which were to make a nonsense of their plans.How it rained in Arbroath; trying to see through curtains of falling water makes a nonsense of note-taking.A voice which ordered the clocks back, which made a nonsense of time.Actions in nuisance, if successful, would make a nonsense of the whole scheme.
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