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make a pass at somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake a pass at somebodymake a pass at somebodyinformalSYSEXY to try to kiss or touch another person with the intention of starting a sexual relationship with them pass
Examples from the Corpus
make a pass at somebodySome said he'd made a pass at Stella, others said he'd made a pass at Dempster.Nigel told Eleanor that he despised her for making a pass at him.It seemed odd that he loathed her with such intensity and yet had made a pass at her.And the examiner was arrested only after he made passes at a military policeman's wife.Had he made a pass at her?He made a pass at me once.The last thing she had wanted was for Luke to make a pass at her.Men who made passes at her were not rude ruffians but agents of evil river spirits.
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