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make a point of doing something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake a point of doing somethingmake a point of doing somethingDELIBERATELYto do something deliberately, even when it involves making a special effort He made a point of spending Saturdays with his children. I always make a point of being early. point
Examples from the Corpus
make a point of doing somethingBridget made a point of thanking each of us for the gift.He makes a point of letting his congregation know he takes care of his children.He seemed to make a point of taking two steps backward for every one step forward.Hitachi is expected to make a point of integration, management and directory synchronisation.It's a spectacular scene and I make a point of leaving my dictation and watching through the curtains each evening.Kramer braced and made a point of looking tough and bored.They'd made a point of it.They made a point of recruiting fledgling Latino engineers into the organization.
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