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make a run for it

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake a run for itmake a run for itESCAPEto suddenly start running, in order to escape run
Examples from the Corpus
make a run for itThen she could jump out and make a run for it.Through her tears she saw Garry scaling the wall as he made a run for it.Bothshe has sized them up as well-are strong and quite capable of catch ing her if she makes a run for it.Debbie saw her uptown train and decided to make a run for it.Riney decided to make a run for it and escaped, crashing through a glass window in the process.They're going to make a run for it, she thought.If you were Brimmer, how would you plan an escape if you ever had to make a run for it?Already soaked, he decided he would make a run for it.
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