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make a start (on something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake a start (on something)make a start (on something)to begin doing something I’ll make a start on the washing-up. start
Examples from the Corpus
make a start (on something)I should have mentioned that Joe Lawley and Graham Lloyd have already made a start with tree clearance.Now we are pledged to cut tax rates again - and have made a start on the road to 20p Income Tax.We have paper and ink here - make a start now if you have not already.Nick made a start at restoring the ravaged wreck, but sadly died before much was done.That's why we should now make a start on reminding ourselves of the relevance of our own particular life story.It was decided therefore, to make a start upon upgrading the existing fleet by adopting improved technology wherever possible.In the 1980s, we made a start, privatising those industries Government ran so badly.Mailing designs home to be printed on samples sewn by his mum, Wells made a start in sports couture.
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