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make (all) the running

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake (all) the runningmake (all) the runningBritish English informal to be the person who makes most of the suggestions in a relationship, plan, activity etc running
Examples from the Corpus
make (all) the runningCollins made the running down the left and found Slater at the back-post.Busy Martin Ling made the running.Hodkinson, encouraged by his corner, was now making all the running.When this is so, a visit will always go well if they are allowed to make the running.As the race started, Dettori decided to make the running.The wary fighter backs off from you and so must be encouraged to make all the running.Painfully and in the open she had to make all the running.That was precisely what women had done in the past - sit back and wait for men to make the running.
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