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make (for) interesting/fascinating/compelling etc reading

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake (for) interesting/fascinating/compelling etc readingmake (for) interesting/fascinating/compelling etc readingREADto be interesting etc to read Your report made fascinating reading. reading
Examples from the Corpus
make (for) interesting/fascinating/compelling etc readingIts Report was published in 1867 and makes fascinating reading.A glance at the provisions of the Convention makes interesting reading.In the context of the £33 million earmarked for 20 City Technology Colleges, that figure makes interesting reading.His observations may make interesting reading.This, unlike the first one, makes interesting reading, and is referred to continually.The guidance, when it appears, should make interesting reading.He also has a collection of Rentokil news letters going back to his early days which made for fascinating reading after dinner.The report I commissioned on you makes for interesting reading.
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