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make fun of somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake fun of somebody/somethingmake fun of somebody/somethingMAKE FUN OFto make unkind insulting remarks about someone or something I’m not making fun of you. I admire what you did. fun
Examples from the Corpus
make fun of somebody/somethingI hated her because she had such a stupid name and yet no one dared make fun of her.I recently visited my cousin, and Joe and Steven kept making fun of me.We don't like 16-bit owners making fun of us 8-bit owners, so why should we make fun of the Spectrum?Like Neil still makes fun of me.Stop it - I don't make fun of the way you talk, do I?Q: Of the many things there are to make fun of in Martha, what struck you as the most absurd?The boys at school used to make fun of me because I have a crooked spine.He felt that they were making fun of him, though he could not understand why.They may feel very angry at peo-ple who make fun of them.
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