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make/grab (the) headlines

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake/grab (the) headlinesmake/grab (the) headlines (also be in/hit the headlines)NEWSFAMOUS to be reported in many newspapers and on radio and television a scandal that grabbed the headlines for weeks The former MP found himself back in the headlines again. headline
Examples from the Corpus
make/grab (the) headlinesWoods' success has made headlines nationwide.What has grabbed headlines this year is the issue of food safety.The problems-from bad backs to carpal tunnel syndrome to headaches-have made the headlines of every health magazine in the country.This is evidenced by a number of recent disasters which have made the headlines.The story made headlines around the world and researchers believe it may have inspired the novel Lassie Come Home.Days later his passionate affair with cartoonist Sally Anne Lassoon was making headlines.It is the exceptions which make the headlines.More airplane tragedies will make the headlines.
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