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make/leave your mark

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake/leave your markmake/leave your markSUCCESSFULto become successful or famous It took him only two games to make his mark.make/leave your mark as He made his mark as a pianist in the 1920s.make/leave your mark on/in He has left his mark on baseball history. mark
Examples from the Corpus
mark on/inBut by 1995, at the age of 5, JonBenet had made her mark in Colorado.But Eva was making her mark in much wider spheres.It's bound to leave its mark on a man.History is what you live and it leaves its mark on how you die.Being on a Kindertransport was, in itself, a traumatic experience that left its mark on otherwise balanced and healthy children.It was here in Iowa in 1988 that the new religious right first made its mark in national politics.You are beginning to make your mark in your chosen career.
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