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make life difficult/easier etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake life difficult/easier etcmake life difficult/easier etcEASYPROBLEMto make it difficult, easier etc to do something Surely computers are supposed to make life easier, not more complicated!make life difficult/easier etc for Why make life difficult for yourself? life
Examples from the Corpus
make life difficult/easier etcWith the advent of electrics, journey times were to be halves, as well as making life easier for locomotive crews.Latecomers, however, do make life difficult - and unnecessarily expensive.The lack of economic statistics has made life difficult for economists and money managers for the past few weeks.Jim was uninterested in learning the kind of ecclesial footwork that would have made life easier for himself and his parish.There's no greater pleasure than handing over money to a local supplier who helps make life easier.Having to adopt the fast-track method made life difficult for all three.But this arbitrary division of the country has not made life easier for either the North or the South.To make life easier in the future, will you be publishing an index?
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