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make me/you sick

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake me/you sickmake me/you sickspoken a) ANGRYto make you feel very angry People like you make me sick! b) JEALOUSANGRYto make you feel jealous – used humorously You make me sick with your ‘expenses paid’ holidays! sick
Examples from the Corpus
make me/you sickHe's so cute it makes me sick.Another helping will make you sick.Finally, the very thought of one more sweet and sticky mouthful would make him sick.He said riding in the ambulance made him sick.I was too young to exercise my intellectual force to demolish prejudices that made me sick.It was the suspense that was making me sick.The shocking stills above are from the 1992 film and show the Ally McBeal star making herself sick after a binge.But it made me sick and dizzy, so I didn't take it.It's enough to make you sick, the way they treat old people.It made you sick to your stomach.
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