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make or break

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake or breakmake or breakSUCCEED IN DOING somethingto cause something or someone either to be very successful or to fail completely Critics can make or break a young performer. make-or-break make
Examples from the Corpus
make or breakNot only does it influence whether or not you fork out the requisite 65p, it can make or break a band.Whether for dress or athletics, the fit of the shoe can also make or break a pair of feet.A scholarly opinion can make or break a picture, as in the case of a Saraceni which we sold in 1989.He also said the board has the power to make or break a project.Though generally they are only out by one grade, that can be make or break for some.It was make or break for us.Royal watchers say the 47-year-old prince recognizes it is make or break time for him personally.It could make or break with vibration or thermal expansion as the machine warmed up.
make-or-breakˌmake-or-ˈbreak adjective  something that is make-or-break will lead to either success or failure This could be a make-or-break speech for the prime minister.
Examples from the Corpus
make-or-breakThe last couple of games were make-or-break.The make-or-break factor in this delicate post-course period is the attitude of the person's immediate superior.Niki somehow felt this was a make-or-break race for him; his pride was dented, his dander up.For Dino Morelli and Kevin McGarrity it is a make-or-break year.
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