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make/pass water

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake/pass watermake/pass waterformalHBH to urinate water
Examples from the Corpus
make/pass waterHow often should I make water changes, and how should I mix the salt?I can not pass water without a forgotten claimant reaching for what is his.Pollutions which are high in suspended solids make water appear murky and leave deposits on the beds and banks of watercourses.The highest-performance combination of rocket propellants is hydrogen and oxygen, which burn to make water.Zubrin proposes using the Sabatier process to react hydrogen with carbon dioxide to make water vapor and methane.For example, to make water, burn one weight of hydrogen with eight of oxygen.Topping up is by a hose, placed soas to pass water through the filter before reaching the pond.The same device, run backwards, reacts hydrogen and oxygen together to make water and generate electrical power.
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