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make sense

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake sensemake sensea) to have a clear meaning and be easy to understand Read this and tell me if it makes sense. b) to be a sensible thing to doit makes sense (for somebody) to do something It makes sense to save money while you can. Would it make sense for the city authorities to further restrict parking? c) if something makes sense, there seems to be a good reason or explanation for it Why did she do a thing like that? It doesn’t seem to make sense. sense
Examples from the Corpus
make senseStrange to tell, even in an era of government downsizing it can make sense to build new federal office space.As the people with formal authority, they were accountable for making sense of and integrating the varied agendas of their constituencies.Stern made the deal because it made good business sense.Read this and tell me if it makes sense.On the whole, it made sense.It makes sense to keep such information on file for quick reference.It made sense for Sam to live nearer the college.So it might make sense to pay off part of her mortgage.It may not make sense to rebuild the houses damaged by the floods.Everyone acknowledged that the recommendations made sense.It doesn't make sense to drive if you can walk.It just doesn't make sense to keep all these people on the payroll.There are parts of the plan that simply don't make sense.Both writing and speech require context to make sense of what might formally be ambiguous.His arguments seem to make sense.It would make sense for the parents to be involved in this discussion.How do you make sense out of the many conflicting issues and statements about the political world that confront you each day?
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