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make somebody/yourself sick

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake somebody/yourself sickmake somebody/yourself sickBritish English a) if something makes you sick, it makes you bring food up from your stomach through your mouth The smell of blood made him sick. b) if you make yourself sick, you do something to bring food up from your stomach through your mouth I’ve never been able to make myself sick. You’ll make yourself sick if you eat any more! sick
Examples from the Corpus
make somebody/yourself sickFinally, the very thought of one more sweet and sticky mouthful would make him sick.I was too young to exercise my intellectual force to demolish prejudices that made me sick.Shortly afterwards she made herself sick.Still, for a long time, Helen would not, which they both thought would make her sick.It makes you so sick that you lose the baby.It made him sick to go to Horatia's bed, but he hadn't shirked the task.To be honest, it made me sick to my stomach.It makes you sick, you know.
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