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make sure

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake suremake surea) CHECK/MAKE SUREto find out if something is true or to check that something has been done ‘Did you lock the front door?’ ‘I think so, but I’d better make sure.’make sure (that) I wanted to make sure you were all right. First, make sure the printer has enough paper in it. b) CERTAINLY/DEFINITELYto do something so that you can be certain of the resultmake sure (that) I’ll walk you home, just to make sure no one bothers you.make sure of (doing) something Spain made sure of their place by holding Japan to a 1–1 draw. Thomas would be sorry – she would make sure of that. sure
Examples from the Corpus
make sure of thatDana Barros made sure of that.Oh, the local paper printed an apology - I made sure of that!R: Especially the tourists couldn't miss it - we made sure of that.She had made sure of that.The farmland clinicians from Lincoln made sure of that.The newly opened International Museum of Cartoon Art will make sure of that.The snipers and the mortars make sure of that.And the way to make sure of that was to get pregnant.
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