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make-up , make‧up

for your face

[uncountable]DCBAPT coloured substances that are put on your face to improve or change your appearanceCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
wear make-up have make-up on (=be wearing make-up) put on/apply make-up do your make-up (=put on your make-up) heavy make-up (=a lot of make-up) eye make-up stage make-up (=make-up that actors wear in plays) make-up artist/man/woman (=someone who helps actors put on make-up)
I don't usually wear much make-up.
Her hair looked untidy, and she had no make-up on.
I'm just putting my make-up on, then I'll be ready.
Don't you ever wear eye make-up?

➔ make up

at make1

people in a group

[singular] the make-up of a group or team is the combination of people that are in it
make-up of
We should change the make-up of the team.


somebody's make-up

the qualities that a person has, which form their character:
Pride has always been an important part of his make-up.
somebody's genetic/psychological make-up
a possible link between genetic make-up and criminal behaviour


[countable] also make-up test American EnglishSES a test that you take in school when you were not able to take a previous test

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