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make use of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake use of somethingmake use of somethingUSE somethingto use something that is available in order to achieve something or get an advantage for yourself We will make use of her vast experience. There is an answering machine for you to make use of. Try to make good use of your time. use
Examples from the Corpus
make good use ofBlier also makes good use of some provocative Barry White songs, and the leads are excellent.Farmers can make good use of some land while other areas nearby are less attractive, or even repel them.And that the Department could make better use of the great store of experience within the teaching profession during the consultation process.The large 12in x 10.5in format makes good use of Schlegelmilch's high-quality colour photography.Gallegos said the region has made good use of that money.He made good use of every piece of newspaper that he could pick up and every convenient hedgerow!We need to keep them within the national health service work force and to make better use of their additional skills.I think Cohen, as a politician, will make better use of the media.
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