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make way (for something/somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake way (for something/somebody)make way (for something/somebody)a) SPACE/ROOMto move to the side so that there is space for someone or something to pass The crowd stepped aside to make way for the procession. b) SPACE/ROOMto make it possible for something newer or better to be built, organized etc Several houses were demolished to make way for a new road. way
Examples from the Corpus
make way (for something/somebody)The crowd opens up and makes way for us.As people shuffled backward to make way for the procession, others were pushed against the platform.The Glamorgan opener drops down to vice-captain to make way for Yorkshire's Martyn Moxon.Is there any point in opening a book on who our Howard will drop to make way for rodders.Two: who has to go to make way for him?The Invisible Man will have to make way for the Insubstantial Man.
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