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make your way

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake your waymake your waya) GOto go towards something, especially when this is difficult or takes a long timemake your way to/through/towards etc The team slowly made their way back to base.make your own way (home/to something etc) (=go somewhere without the help or company of other people) Don’t worry. I can make my own way to the beach. b) SUCCESSFULto gradually become successful in a particular job, activity, profession etc young people who are making their way in industry way
Examples from the Corpus
make your own way (home/to something etc)You and I can make our own ways here.Alternatively you can make your own way between resorts - our representative will advise you.Said he'd bailed me out once and he wouldn't do so again, I could make my own way.Make your own peace with Wolsey's men; make your own way in the world.Outside he stopped and realised that he would have to make his own way back.Sometimes you have to make your own way out.She was handed a map and told to make her own way to the nearest underground station.He wanted to make his own way, he says.
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