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make yourself heard/understood/known etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake yourself heard/understood/known etcmake yourself heard/understood/known etcto succeed in getting someone to hear you, understand you, or know that you are there I had to shout to make myself heard above the music. make
Examples from the Corpus
make yourself heard/understood/known etcBut only one side was making itself heard.Hardly a practicable solution when she didn't even know if she could make herself understood.To leave was to admit defeat in this peculiar ritual of making myself known.I yelled to make myself heard above the deafening roar of the wind and the sea.Yet lay people had almost no way of making themselves heard in Rome.As we will soon see, the inability to make oneself understood properly was at the root of the crisis in Vicos.He makes himself known with a tiny, metallic clink-clink-clink from within the bushes.
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