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make yourself scarce

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake yourself scarcemake yourself scarceinformalLEAVE A PLACE to leave a place, especially in order to avoid an unpleasant situation I decided it was time to make myself scarce. scarce
Examples from the Corpus
make yourself scarceThe Magistrate, mortified, had made himself scarce.When Gary and Clare began to argue, Reg decided to make himself scarce.I didn't wait to be told twice and I made myself scarce.Maggie had made herself useful to her stepmother by running the house, and yet continued to make herself scarce.I made myself scarce as quickly as I could.He has refused to speak to Hundley and is making himself scarce at the Delta Center to local reporters.You'd better make yourselves scarce before the manager gets here.For the next few days I made myself scarce, hoping his bad mood would pass.For the next few days I made myself scarce, hoping that his displeasure was temporary.He generally makes himself scarce in his room with his computer.
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