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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmakeshiftmake‧shift /ˈmeɪkʃɪft/ adjective  TEMPORARYMAKEmade to be used for a short time only when nothing better is available The refugees slept in makeshift tents at the side of the road.
Examples from the Corpus
makeshiftThousands have tried to flee in makeshift boats.When we reached the river we found that the makeshift bridge had been swept away.A makeshift chapel is partitioned off in the corner of the lowest security dorm.Ell looked with horror at the makeshift glider.She adjusts her hat, a round bush hat, and walks towards the makeshift landing strip.What we're doing is a makeshift operation.More remarkable was the way a makeshift pack, with only one Lions Test player and three other tourists, shaped up.They rigged up the canvas boat-cover as a makeshift sail.Sweating profusely, soaking through his robe, Havens raises his ax in triumph and walks off the makeshift stage.Using an old tree-trunk as a makeshift table, we ate our picnic.Ro snakes his slender body from under the makeshift table.There are also clusters of old men sitting around makeshift tables made of old boards and doors, playing cards and dominoes.
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