makā€§ing [uncountable]
1 the process of making something
making of
companies involved in the making of nuclear weapons
cheese making/cider making etc
a region famous for its cheese making

decision making/policy making

the process of deciding something:
people involved in decision making at the highest level

be the making of somebody

to make someone a much better or more successful person:
You'll see - a couple of years abroad will be the making of him.

have the makings of something

to have the qualities or skills necessary to do a particular job:
He has the makings of a world-class footballer.

be a long time/10 years etc in the making

to take a long time, 10 years etc to make:
a book that was ten years in the making

be of your own making

problems that are of your own making have been caused by you and no one else:
He admits that a lot of his troubles are entirely of his own making.

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