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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmale-dominatedˌmale-ˈdominated adjective  involving mostly men or controlled mostly by men a male-dominated profession
Examples from the Corpus
male-dominatedThe practice and content of Western philosophy are male-dominated and male-biased.But she was less conflicted than many of her female colleagues about her position in a male-dominated church.This women's group was set up because of dissatisfaction with the lack of action by the male-dominated Ovens committee.It represented tangible proof of her achievements after years of struggle in a male-dominated profession.On the other hand, girls have not participated strongly in male-dominated subjects.These groups have no reason to feel that the white male-dominated unions have ever done much to serve their interests.Geertz's assertions about Balinese society emerge from the wholly male-dominated world of cockfighting.It should not be imagined, however, that Storni was a lone trailblazer in a male-dominated world of poetry.
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