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malformationmal‧for‧ma‧tion /ˌmælfɔːˈmeɪʃən $ -fɔːr-/ noun  [countable, uncountable] technicalMI when a part of someone’s body is badly formed syn deformity children suffering from malformations of the legs and arms
Examples from the Corpus
malformationa malformation of the brainBrain tumors or large arteriovenous malformations can occasionally cause unilateral head or facial pain.This has been shown to reduce significantly the incidence of certain malformations in infants.Special preconceptual care designed to reduce the incidence of congenital malformation is also examined from this point of view.Another factor that needs to be considered when policy is formulated is that lethal malformation will not always be diagnosed before delivery.He made outstanding contributions to all branches of children's surgery but his lifelong interest was the aetiology of malformations.organ malformationClearly it was no rare malformation.The pathological features of Dieulafoy's vascular malformation are controversial.
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