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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmalformedmal‧formed /ˌmælˈfɔːmd◂ $ -ˈfɔːrmd◂/ adjective technical  if a part of someone’s body is malformed, it is badly formed syn deformed malformed limbs
Examples from the Corpus
malformedSome parents feel reluctant to see their malformed babies at first and express a need to temper the intensity of the experience.Scientists have found selenium in fish and ducks in the Bay and have linked it to malformed birds.Miscarriages procured in this way often led to death or malformed births.One severely malformed boy climbs out of bed and crawls across the floor, crab-like.The proxy must be in a position to filter dangerous URLs and malformed commands.The girls were wearing them along with fat clunky shoes that looked like malformed elevator shoes from the seventies.Was it malformed, or merely hypothermic, the last to hatch?Technicians can identify only obvious problems, such as malformed sperm heads or tails.a malformed spinal cord
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