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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmalnourishedmal‧nour‧ished /ˌmælˈnʌrɪʃt◂ $ -ˈnɜː-, -ˈnʌ-/ adjective  MIHUNGRY/STARVINGsomeone who is malnourished is ill or weak because they have not had enough good food to eat malnourished children
Examples from the Corpus
malnourishedDuring the 1930s a large proportion of Britain's urban population was malnourished.a pale, malnourished childMost are malnourished, only saved from starvation by water and food provided enroute by the Red Cross.For each treatment, nourished and malnourished patients responded similarly.Food packets were given to malnourished patients.It may be used to supplement the action of the indicated remedy in such anaemic or malnourished people.None the less, ignorance and poverty continue to claim victims, particularly malnourished slum children, who are the most susceptible.Many patients, especially the old and economically weak, are already malnourished when they go into hospital.Children who are malnourished with chronic diarrhoea have defective gastric acid secretion.Under the portico, bodies are sprawled, a tangle of limbs of malnourished young men.
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