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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmalodorousmal‧o‧dor‧ous /mælˈəʊdərəs $ -ˈoʊ-/ adjective literary  SMELLsmelling unpleasant syn smelly
Examples from the Corpus
malodorousNot only was it gaudy in appearance but the smell wafting from the kitchen was distinctly malodorous.A malodorous checked jacket, stiff with grime, was unbuttoned, the left flap lying open.Frequently, people throw water in front of their doors, and the dust gives way to mud and malodorous fumes.Ninety percent of debtors paid up in 1979 rather than tolerate the presence of the malodorous individual in reception for another five minutes.In the metropolis one would experience much bigger crowds, more atmosphere, louder roars and at times very malodorous sawdust.The three young people stood in a rather hostile and malodorous silence waiting for something to happen.Skunks repel attackers with a malodorous spray.Aristophanes calls him a stinking exponent of a malodorous trade.
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