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man and boy

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishman and boyman and boyBritish EnglishLONG TIME if a man has done something man and boy, he has done it all his life I’ve worked on that farm man and boy. man
Examples from the Corpus
man and boyOn 25 May, 1812, the Felling pit in Durham exploded, killing 92 men and boys.That was fine when manpower was cheap and farming was labour intensive, when families worked in the fields man and boy.In the first scene he showed how men and boys prepared for combat and self-defence.Dozens of men and boys take turns trading shots with him.The twenty-six men and boys were martyred.The men and boys were lined up and marched off in one direction, and women and children in another.It seemed incredible; what would the Axis want with a bunch of small-town men and boys led by a band conductor?These barbarians are young men and boys, in their teens and early twenties.
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