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man and wife

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishman and wifeman and wifeMARRYif a man and a woman are man and wife, they are married I now pronounce you man and wife (=you are now officially married). man
Examples from the Corpus
man and wifeTerry and Meena aren't married but they live together as man and wife.But they were as man and wife.As man and wife, we will be one flesh.It was thought preferable for the schoolmaster and schoolmistress to be man and wife.Binyomin and Tsila had not only kissed but were on the verge of becoming man and wife in earnest.One such dispute was settled by Marie with a verdict apparently asserting that true love can not exist between man and wife.Both are considered totally private affairs, the secret of which is often not even shared between man and wife.The man and wife arrested with him have been bailed but probably face further questioning about suspected harbouring of an escaped prisoner.Mom burst into tears as the minister pronounced us man and wife.The victims were man and wife.
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