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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishman-madeˌman-ˈmade ●○○ adjective  1 ARTIFICIALman-made materials and substances are not natural syn artificial opp natural fabrics made using a combination of natural and man-made fibressee thesaurus at artificial2 made by people, rather than by natural processes Europe’s largest man-made lake
Examples from the Corpus
man-madeLouis did well to take Carlat, its fortifications natural as well as man-made.Current weather problems may actually be man-made, a direct result of environmental damage.Gardening is really interfering with nature; it's man-made and you're putting the plants where you want them.But what about patients who are apparently fit and healthy until they suffer a massive exposure to toxic man-made chemicals?man-made fibersThe coat is 80% wool and 20% man-made fibers.The arrival of man-made instruments represented the supplanting and indeed deliberate transcending of nature by human values.a man-made lakeThe amusement park is built around a man-made lake.We can then see that such areas have developed fairly recently, and very largely at the expense of man-made landscapes.Some seek personal de-criminalisation and rehabilitation, others have a more fundamental objection to man-made laws and courts as such.Beneath this man-made mechanism of oppression are the people, literally distanced from their surroundings by Kahlo's use of photo-collage.I suspect the yellowish colour is due to the pollution in the air-our own man-made pollution.
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